Euroculture’s Krakow Discovery Mission (KDM)

Krakow Discovery Mission

As an attempt to blend acquainting-tours and survival-trails, which require certain skills and attitudes and have outcomes that could go from the mere-informative-thus-dreary to exhaustion from dire physical effort, Euroculture Krakow has come up with a unique welcoming preamble activity: The Krakow Discovery Mission (KDM).

To Discover

KDM not only intends to acquaint with and inform the newcomer about its surrounding, but seeks to relate them and suggest the possibility of a symbiotic interaction. Not only does it challenges the tenderfoot to survive in the streets of Krakow, but to actually live in them and render possible the idea of blending in.
KDM will require: skills such as compass reading, mapping, climbing, horse-riding, breath-holding, keen examination of details, mind-reading and mesmerism; and attitudes like resourcefulness, patience, gameness, shrewdness, wittiness, adaptability, daringness and most importantly the will to discover.

The city of Krakow

Suffice to say for the moment that th
e city you’re about to discover is one where the present is pursued by memory, identities and ideas are in constant negotiation, heritages are multi-dimensional and there are lots of cafes.

The Mission

Krakow-newbies are to gather into wondering-wandering groupss and roam about Krakow’s Old Town, Kazimierz & Podgórze with the task of unmasking what will later become familiar. Three kinds of places are proposed and fall into the general categories of: royal, religious and socio-cultural heritages.

Each group should “discover” 4 to 5 different places and/or urban-marks for a total of 12-15 interest points. All of these elements and features of and from the city have to be briefly described/explained and commented on. The bulk of content for each element should include both concrete information and soft-matter such as opinions, observations, evocations, invocations or any inter-subjective sort of commentary. Each one should be marked on the map provided for the task.
The gathering of information is left to each team’s creativity and resourcefulness. Remember that as the dwelling place for many students and the destination for many tourists, Krakow is always busy and never stops breathing. Outdoors strolling its streets and indoors idling or working in cafes, restaurants and stores you will discover a fascinating source of information (sometimes less accurate than others, perhaps stream-like overflowing or stone-like laconic, but occasionally interesting and/or surprising): local people.

Suggestions and clues: look for buildings, squares, heads, triangles, castles, trees, monuments, streets, alleys, promenades, churches, facades, dragons, food, a girl in a red dress, gates, trumpets and pigeons.

The Outcome

Each trio should comply with certain parameters in their mission in order to produce a report which includes: (1)a Monument, (2)a Public Space, (3)an Element Related to a Polish Artist/Writer/Intellectual, (4)a Cracovian that you’ve acquainted and (5)a Coffee Place. All of these should be at least 437 meters apart from each other and a kind of visual evidence is required for each one. A brief questionnaire with some tasks will also complement your wandering discovery mission.

A debriefing lunch session will take place at Bagel Mama where teams will share and discuss their experience and discoveries as Krakow-novices.

You’re encouraged to collect visual evidence of your discovery trail, which will later be made available online at our website. You can send photos at:; Subject: KDM.

Good Luck!


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