Toleration & Tolerance: Models, Metamorphoses & Implications

18-20 October, 2012. Villa Decius 

The Toleration and Tolerance: Models, Metamorphoses & Implications conference is a joint initiative of the Villa Decius Association and the International History of Ideas Research Centre and the International History of Ideas Club of the Jagiellonian University in Krakow. It is a part of the cycles of annual conferences devoted to the idea of freedom organized by the Villa Decius Association since 2005.

The programme of the conference combines intellectual contributions from internationally recognized scholars and outstanding experts with debate and discussion sessions open to representatives of academic, political and cultural milieu, NGOs, public administration, and media. The conference speakers and panelists will arrive from the world of humanities (anthropology, philosophy, political science, comparative cultural studies, sociology) and the world of policy and practice (social activists, journalists, UN representatives, international specialists).

Full Programme  |  For registration please contact Katarzyna Renes:

The opening lecture will be delivered by Professor Nawal El Saadawi, an Egyptian scholar, writer, physician and activist for human rights and democracy, repeatedly imprisoned for her activities. She has lectured inter alia Harvard, Yale, Columbia, Sorbonne, and Berkeley and was awarded honorary degrees on three continents. She is a multiple-award-winner, including; the North-South Prize awarded by the Council of Europe and the Inana International Prize in Belgium.

The special lecture will be given by Prof. Unni Wikan, a Norwegian scholar and researcher (field work in Egypt, Oman, Yemen, Indonesia, Bhutan, and Papua New Guinea) Her works have been translated into Japanese, Arabic, Kurdish, Portuguese, Swedish, Danish, German, and Italian. A noble promoter of human rights and challenging contributor to the debate on value conflicts in multi-cultural societies. Laureate of so called Small Nobel Prize, Freedom of Speech Award granted by the Fritt Ord Foundation in Oslo.

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