La Mecedora – Open Call for Presentation of works – Mexico-Krakow

Presentation of works in progress

La Mecedora creates a welcoming space where artists can present their dance, theatre and/or performance pieces in a yet unfinished stage of their development. This open forum allows artists to share their creative process to a receptive audience and enrich their practice with short and constructive feedback loops. Hence, La Mecedora creates the space for running pilots and fruitful discussions in an informal, focused albeit welcoming atmosphere.

La Mecedora will host the next presentation of works in progress in POLAND, KRAKÓW at Kontakt-Space for Dance and Movement on the 3rd and 4th November at 20:00 followed by a talk around the works shown.

For proposals to be  taken into account they must contain a strong conceptual basis, a clear purpose of execution and a propensity to question and stretch interdisciplinary boundaries. Projects can be based on improvisation, instant-composition and definite experimentation leading up to a (semi) final product.

 If you are interested in participating send us your proposal before

20th of October 2012 to:

Open Call PDF:   English  |   Polish   |  Spanish

Proposal must contain: title, description of the work, artistic discipline, participants, duration, short bio of the responsible of the project, links to own work and technical requirements. The maximum length per piece is 15 minutes.

La Mecedora offers space to show your work, technical support, light and sound equipment, documentation of the evening, publicity and the possibility to come in contact with other artists in the city.

La Mecedora’s visit in Poland will be accompanied by an intensive movement-choreographic workshops on the 3rd & 4th November (10:00-14:00), as well as a performance in the frame of the series Free the Dance on the 7th  November at Club Alchemia (21:00) (ul. Estery 5, Kraków).


La Mecedora, a nomadic and playful initiative that cherishes new ideas within body related art emerging in creative processes. As a young platform, La Mecedora counters economical discourses in art that focus on efficiency, time-pressure and final end products. Instead, it illuminates the rich and insightful path leading towards the eventual performance, dance or art piece whilst reflecting on how perceptions are conditioned by socio-economical factors.

La Mecedora Facebook


Malgorzata Haduch | Unfinished Company    &     Melissa Cisneros | La Mecedora

Open Call PDF:   English  |   Polish   |  Spanish


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  1. Great initiative – it’s added to the KrakówPolska site now too 🙂

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  1. […] will take place on the sames dates, at 8pm – to participate, visit La Mecedora’s website, then register by writing to before October […]

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