A great initiative by Interkulturalni PL Association. Don’t miss the opportunity to discover how Krakow has evolved and how these changes are significantly influenced by international mobility and the capacity and willingness of the city and its citizens to host and adopt the Other.
Euroculture Krakow | Event Partner

According to the INTERKULTURALNI PL Association there are over 5 thousand foreigners who live and work in Krakow. What is it that they do? Why did they come here and choose our country? These and other questions can be answered at the largest multicultural event INTERKULTURALIA – LET’S MEET! which will take place on October 27th in Krakow.


This year, for the first time, together with foreigners who live and work in Krakow, we organize INTERKULTURALIA – LET’S MEET. The initiative was started by foreigners who decided to show the people of Krakow why the city is a place where they feel at home. What is it that they do? Why did they choose Krakow over another, perhaps, more illustrious metropolis?

The event aims to present the cultural diversity of Krakow. Foreigners involved in INTERKULTURALIA, would like to explain the impact of their presence and the influence of cultural exchange for the social, economic and cultural life. We will all have a chance to know each other better, reconsider our cultural stereotypes and above all enjoy a great intercultural event!

The entire festival is divided into two parts: afternoon – and evening part.

Throughout the whole day the organizers would like to invite both kids and adults to join the workshops, revolving around the theme of the day, cultural diversity.  During cooking workshops, participants will set out on a culinary journey through Asia and learn how to prepare traditional French tarts. For those willing to dance there is flamenco and Georgian dance workshop as well as Step’n Shout, an amazing stepping class prepared by Andy Ninvalle – a worldwide known dance teacher from Guyana.

During language and calligraphy workshops, participants will be able to get to know basics of Russian, Bulgarian and learn some Chinese and Japanese calligraphy. Non-polish speaking foreigners will be offered “Survival Polish” class and those who already speak some Polish are welcomed to join “Introduction to Polish culture” for a solid serving of culture and language training! Finally, children would “land” in the middle of the African jungle where a Shaman will help them get back home teaching them about African culture on the way. Workshops will be held in both Polish and English. Participation is free of charge and all you need to do is to sign up via email:

The evening part starts with an opening of a photo exhibition “Interkulturalni w Krakowie”  showing  foreign or half foreign couples living in Cracow. This will be followed by a long awaited LET’S MEET party, a largest multicultural event in Krakow, taking place in Kot Karola club. Volunteers from many countries, to list a few: Italy, Romania, Colombia, Hungary, Germany, Scotland, England, Ireland, Finland, Denmark and the Czech Republic, will be there presenting their own cultures, answering questions, describing their experiences in Krakow. Foreigners involved in INTERKULTURALIA  will tell a little bit about themselves, where they are from, and what made them settle in Poland . Was it work, family and maybe love? As many people as many fascinating stories. From 21.30 onwards there will be a live concert of Teddy Jr., a multicultural band based in Krakow and later on a party till dawn so that nobody leaves without having danced to both Polish and foreign rhythms!

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