Share your Recipe in the International Cookbook NOW!

Do you enjoy cooking? Do you have any gastronomic specialities to offer the  world?
Share your culinary creativity in the EMA’s International Cookbook created by international students for international students.
Send a recipe and conquer palates now!
Share your favourite recipe! We are looking for contributors for “Our international cookbook”.

We are looking for recipes that: are tasty, easy and quick to prepare, use fresh, inexpensive, easily available ingredients.

The way we want to design the cookbook is that every page would contain a personal recipe with a short information about each contributor (you! :) ), a picture and a little personal story. So make sure you tell us what connects you with this dish, why this particular recipe is special.

Share your food and cooking expertise! Tell us the story behind you and your recipe – just click here and fill in the online form!

Deadline for contributions is October 30, 2012.

For any questions or suggestions feel free to contact the International Cookbook Team at:


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