To the Barricades in Budapest!

Tomorrow, April 13th, at 18:00, Krytyka Polityczna and Massolit Books (Felicjanek 4) invite you to an open discussion with two student activists from the Hungarian Student Network, or Hallgatói Hálózat, about the recent constitutional changes in Hungary and the popular protests against them. Katalin Vida and Csaba Jelinek, doctoral students at the Central European University, are both founding members of Hallgatói Hálózat, and have been active in the protests again Orban’s government.

The issues to be covered are:

  • The meaning of the constitutional changes in Hungary, and how they fit in the general neoliberal restructuring of society there.
  • The significance of the rise of the extreme right-wing nationalist
  • party Jobbik, and its relationship to Orban’s Fidesz government.
  • The popular resistance to Fidesz, and its effectiveness.
  • The parallels that can be drawn with Poland.

The meeting will be held in English, with Polish translation. Come and learn more about our close neighbour!

2013-hahameeting-fb kopia.jpg

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