Call for Volunteers for IP (VIP Call)

Dear students of the Institute of European Studies, UJ

We are the coordinating team of the Euroculture Master programme. You have probably seen us around: Juan and Luc running, jumping and singing on the first floor while Karolina, the head coordinator of the programme, is trying to calm us down. You can find us in room 1.10 in Przegorzały.

You will probably see us still running and jumping around in the next three months since we are currently working on the Euroculture Intensive Programme, an international week-long event with conferences, workshops and academic activities that will welcome over a 100 students and scholars from all over the World.

The IP will take place between the 22 and 29 of June in Krakow.
The theme: Resistance, Resilience & Adaptation: Understanding a Changing Europe. 

We would like you to be part of this event and get acquainted with an international programme which could eventually be of interest for you. We are looking for volunteers to support us during the event. There are many things to do, but so far our basic needs involve hosting, guiding, entertaining and accompanying students, faculty and staff who will be participating in the IP.

We are looking for :

  1. A team of enthusiastic people (8-10) that enjoy an international atmosphere and are eager to practice their English. You will accompany and guide students around the city centre during the para-conference activities (3 afternoons somewhere between the 22 and the 29 of June);
  2. A small team of 3-5 people to help us with the logistic during the scholars conference;
  3. A cool computer “geek” (or maybe 2) to ensure the safe functioning of projections and computer presentations during both the scholars conference (4 mornings) and the students’ session (2 afternoons);
  4. A crazy photographer and/or a video maniac eager to shoot everything that moves (well, don’t get us wrong: with a camera!)

Please contact us as soon as possible. Bring your people to meet our people. After receiving a few applications we will organise a brief introductory meeting with all volunteers (late April, beginning of May)

All the best,

The Euroculture Krakow Team

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