XpARTy Krakow

xparty​From 3rd – 5th of October, Malopolska’s Garden of Art will  be given over to international artists. There will be concerts, exhibitions, film shows, and panels showcasing the multicultural mix of talents within the space, at ulica Rajska (Paradise Street) in Kraków.XpARTy is the biggest event of its kind in Poland, presenting the creative output of expats from all around the world, who have chosen Poland as their home. Using Krakow as an example, the festival schedule has been designed to illustrate the influence of multicultural interaction and inspiration on the local social and cultural space.This will also provide an opportunity for expats and artists to become mutually acquainted, challenge stereotypes, and share fun among everyone creating, studying and working in Kraków, along with all  others who are not afraid to look at art from a new, intercultural perspective.We want next year’s XpARTy Festival to become both a nationwide event and one of the biggest happenings in Europe celebrating the creative activity of the multicultural artistic society. With this in mind, we are developing a project to establish a multicultural association of creators and lovers of art.

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