Call for papers: “Negotiation, navigation, resistance – young people’s agency in post-crisis reality in Europe”

ESA ‘Youth and Generation Research Network’ MidTerm Conference 2014:
‘Negotiation, navigation, resistance – young people’s agency in post-crisis reality in Europe’

September 10th-13th 2014, in Kluszkowce, near Krakow, Poland

Dear all, please find below the call for papers for the Youth and generation Research Network Mid Term Conference.

The deadline for abstracts is 20 March 2014.

More info: 

Call for papers

Young people have been hit harshly by the economic crisis in Europe, mostly by the difficult labour market situation, which has impacted their transitions, their quality of life and also the feelings of security. Consequently, in recent years, the analysis within youth studies has paid much attention to the structural conditions of young people lives and resulting inequalities. To counterbalance this tendency, though not to undermine the impact of structural conditions on young people’s lives, we propose to consider young people as active agents, to examine the ways they might overcome/reconstruct/renegotiate the constellations within which they live their lives. The conference encourages the debate on tensions and interrelations between structure and agency in young people’s lives, while also concentrating on re-discovering youth agency within European youth studies, looking at young people as a dynamic body or as individuals finding the spaces for self-expression and change, or as initiators of conflicts or protests. Youth as a life stage has been associated with boldness and rebellion, as well as innovation, imagination, fun or creativity; to what extent do the current conditions allow for the expression and realisation of these values by young people? Do we find spaces where youth agency is being realised and encouraged? Do we see new forms of youth self-expressions? What kinds of constraints prevail?

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