Does the freedom of expression include the right to insult?

Wednesday, Oct.21 | 17-18:30, Auditorium Maximum, conference roomAs part of the Open Lecture series the Centre for European Studies and the Euroculture programme are proud to host Constantijn BAKKER, who will address this controversial and essential topic. Don’t miss it!

Constantijn BAKKER was born in Arnhem (Holland) in 1949. He studied European law at the State University of Groningen (Holland). In 1973 he earned the degree of Master in Law. He did postgraduate studies in Strasbourg, Bologna, Düsseldorf and Berlin. In Strasbourg his thesis regarding the possibilities of enforcing the role of the European Parliament was awarded as the best thesis of the year.

In 1980 Bakker became lecturer EU law at the Amsterdam Business School, nowadays belonging to the University of Applied Sciences. A third edition of his book “European law, an introduction”, which was published in 2014, is used at Dutch universities. The newest edition of this book discusses extensively the protection of human rights in Europe.

In 2010 he was during a whole semester guest of the San Pablo University in Madrid, where he lectured “history of European integration” and “freedom of expression”. As of 2013 Bakker works as a freelance lecturer. He is a regular guest of the law faculty in Montpellier, where he participates in the business law for master students program. In 2014 and 2015 Bakker did conferences at several universities on “the financial and democratic deficit within the EU”. In the same year he also published an essay on this subject. Most probably he will lecture again in Madrid during the first semester of year 2015/2016.

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