Free online course: European Culture and Politics

The refugee crisis, the economic crisis, the Greek crisis, the Schengen crisis, the Ukraine crisis, the Brexit crisis, the identity crisis … Europe seems to be in trouble and on the verge of disintegration. But what is “Europe” exactly? And why does it seem to be in a constant state of crisis?


European Culture and Politics

The Erasmus Mundus master’s programme Euroculture, hosted by the University of Groningen, has developed a Massive Online Open Course (MOOC) that answers these and other questions related to European culture and politics. The course European Culture and Politics is designed for students with a personal or professional interest in Europe, politics and culture. It aims to show the interrelations between politics and culture in post-Second World War European integration. Participants study the construction of Europe and European identity by studying six topics, including religion, modernity and the nation-state. Together with students from all over the world, participants will learn to explain Europe beyond a geographical territory, and beyond a political union, and propose innovative and sustainable solutions to the problems facing Europe today.


Unique collaboration
Over 5.000 students from all over the world have  currently signed up for the course. Interestingly enough, most students come from areas where they are directly affected by current European crises – 119 Ukrainians have signed up so far, and 1710 students (more than a third of the total subscriptions) come from the United Kingdom.
What sets this course apart from most other MOOCs is that the subject of European identity and collaboration echoes through in the organization of the course. It’s a unique international collaboration between four European universities: University of Groningen (NL), Jagiellonian University of Krakow (Poland), Uppsala University (Sweden) and the Georg-August University of Göttingen (Germany).


Course starts September 26

This online course will make its debut on September 26th 2016 and will run for six weeks. Online registration is possible (and free!) via


Contact information:
Lead educator: Senka Neuman-Stanivukovic, University of Groningen – / +31 50 363 5546
Educator: Jesse van Amelsvoort – / +31 50 363 6293 (office hours) & +31 6218 357 80 (mobile phone)


Links: (trailer)

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