Self-determination Processes: Threat or Opportunity for the EU

Self-determination Processes: Challenge or Opportunity for the EU? Thursday, 10 December 2015 | Auditorium Maximum, Conference Room ul. Krupnicza 33. Jagiellonian University in Krakow PROGRAMME print PDF ONLINE REGISTRATION 9:00 Welcome  Zdzisław Mach, Vice-Rector’s Proxy for Internationalisation, Full Professor of Sociology, Director of Studies at the Centre for European Studies, Jagiellonian University in Krakow Albert Royo, … Continue reading

2014 Spring European Diplomacy Workshop

The European Academy of Diplomacy is accepting applications for the European Diplomacy Workshop: Eastern Partnership The European Diplomacy Workshop (EDW) is a week-long, first in Europe program devoted solely to the Eastern Partnership, European Neighborhood Policy and European Union Foreign Policy and energy security. Based on workshops from experts in the fields of EU Foreign Policy (Eastern Partnership and European Neighborhood Policy), and hands-on skills training in International Negotiations, Strategic Planning and Leadership, … Continue reading

Call for papers: “Negotiation, navigation, resistance – young people’s agency in post-crisis reality in Europe”

ESA ‘Youth and Generation Research Network’ MidTerm Conference 2014: ‘Negotiation, navigation, resistance – young people’s agency in post-crisis reality in Europe’ September 10th-13th 2014, in Kluszkowce, near Krakow, Poland Dear all, please find below the call for papers for the Youth and generation Research Network Mid Term Conference. The deadline for abstracts is 20 March 2014. … Continue reading

Conrad Festival

Originally posted on The CEScene:
Students, get ready! The Conrad Festival is coming to town (October 21-27) and it’ll be filled with wonderful events and lectures celebrating literature. Among those in the line-up are Anne Applebaum, Huszang Asadi, Tom McCarthy, Timothy Snyder and more! For the programme, click here. 

International conference: Multiculturalism – twilight of post-modern society?

Organisers: Ludwig van Beethoven Association, Krakow Jagiellonian University Institute of European Studies Conference venue: Krakow, ul. Krupnicza, Aula Mała Date: 11 Oct. 2013

20th anniversary of European Studies at the Jagiellonian University in Krakow

In celebration of the upcoming 20th anniversary of European Studies at the Jagiellonian University in Krakow, the Institute of European Studies is organizing an international conference entitled “Whither Europe? European integration in transformation”. The conference will be held from 19th to 20th September 2013, and will be attended by a number of Polish and international experts, both … Continue reading

Call for Conference Speakers – Challenging Eastern Limits 2013: Intentions & Realities of the Eastern Partnership

IP 2013 Krakow by the Euroculturer Magazine

On a sunny day in Krakow I met with IP organisers Juan, Luc and Karolina at cozy café Karma, one of the favourite hangouts of some of the team members. Here, I had the chance to ask them all about the upcoming Intensive Programme. Because, as we all know, IP 2013 is getting closer. In June, MA Euroculture students will … Continue reading

Call for Volunteers for IP (VIP Call)

Dear students of the Institute of European Studies, UJ We are the coordinating team of the Euroculture Master programme. You have probably seen us around: Juan and Luc running, jumping and singing on the first floor while Karolina, the head coordinator of the programme, is trying to calm us down. You can find us in … Continue reading

3rd Latin American Studies Conference

When: 15.03.2013 – 16.03.2013 Organiser: Institute of American Studies & Polish Diaspora, Jagiellonian University Honorary Patronage: Instytut Lecha Wałęsy Kontakt:  | 3rd Latin American Studies Conference: Human Rights in Latin America. Theory & Practice III CONFERENCIA LATINOAMERICANISTA DE CRACOVIA: LOS DERECHOS HUMANOS EN AMÉRICA LATINA. TEORÍA Y PRÁCTICA. 15 – 16 MARZO 2013, CRACOVIA La … Continue reading