Leszek Żądło European Art Ensemble – Galicia Jewish Museum

Krakow Post – March edition – View it in iTunes now!!

KRAKOW POST – March 2014  

First Polish-Ukrainian Culture Festival “Nowa Galicja”

Originally posted on The CEScene:
From October 7 – 13, on the Rynek Glowny, the festival “Nowa Galicia” will take place. We’ll be able to enjoy concerts, good food, and a craft market at which artists will display their handiwork. During the festival, a youth choir singing competition and dance performances will also be held.…

Join the XpARTy – Call for Volunteers

Are you a Euroculture or CES Student? Come and join the XpARTy ! International Volunteers needed. (3-5 October) Enjoy this 3-day event at Małopolski Ogród Sztuki. Volunteer for 1 day of the event and get a 3-day pass for band performances! Check out the programme here. Just fill out the form below.

XpARTy Krakow

​From 3rd – 5th of October, Malopolska’s Garden of Art will  be given over to international artists. There will be concerts, exhibitions, film shows, and panels showcasing the multicultural mix of talents within the space, at ulica Rajska (Paradise Street) in Kraków.XpARTy is the biggest event of its kind in Poland, presenting the creative output … Continue reading


It’s here at last! The Juwenalia Student Festival will be in full swing between May 6 – 12. During this festival students take over the city and celebrate with concerts, parties, contests, and all sorts of other fun events. A full program is available on the official Juwenalia website. To get an idea of how … Continue reading

Remembering Victor Magnussen

A concert has been organised at Krakow’s Café Szafe, in memory of the singer and songwriter Victor Magnussen who died suddenly while on holiday in March. He was 59. Victor, rarely seen without his dog Bernie, was a regular performer at Szafe and other venues around Krakow. He had many friends in the city, and … Continue reading

KRAKOW POST: March 2013

LIVE YOUR INTERESTS! A Research Track in Euroculture Krakow

A fascinating description of a different facet of student life in Krakow. What happens when you immerse yourself into a research track at the Euroculture Programme? Apart from enjoying freedom to pursue your own interests you get the chance to integrate with the local community through your field work. Despite the shortcomings of a library … Continue reading

Will Regional Diplomacy Prevail in the Arctic?

In 2013, people from the northernmost part of Europe will celebrate the 20 years of the signature of the declaration of Kirkenes.  This agreement may be considered a major milestone in the development of trans-border cooperation between the nations and the people living in the Barents Sea region.  The agreement constituted a concrete positive step to ensure … Continue reading

All Saints’ Day (Wszystkich Świętych) Photo Rally – Capture an Instant and share it via Instagram

If you live in Poland and you’re not Polish, All Saints’ Day might just be a day like any other, just another holiday in your work calendar, an excuse to stay at home and avoid the mushy pavement and side-walks covered in a slippery pulp of snow, dirt and fallen leaves. It might be just … Continue reading

Interkulturalni w Krakowie: A photo and video project

Interkulturalni w Krakowie, a project conceived by Krzysztof  Racon, explores the symbiotic relation between the city of Krakow and foreigners who have chosen it as their dwelling place. What do foreigners bring to Krakow? How do they contribute to the construction of its identity? How does the city has to offer them? Why do they … Continue reading