Call for Conference Speakers – Challenging Eastern Limits 2013: Intentions & Realities of the Eastern Partnership

IP 2013 Krakow by the Euroculturer Magazine

On a sunny day in Krakow I met with IP organisers Juan, Luc and Karolina at cozy café Karma, one of the favourite hangouts of some of the team members. Here, I had the chance to ask them all about the upcoming Intensive Programme. Because, as we all know, IP 2013 is getting closer. In June, MA Euroculture students will … Continue reading

International Jazz Day – Krakow

This unique festival showcases the talent of up and coming jazz musicians as well as well-established artists. Under the patronage of UNESCO, this festival will be a great build to April 30th, or better known as International Jazz Day. Krakow has become a very hopping and supportive environment for Jazz, so take advantage of this … Continue reading

Remembering Victor Magnussen

A concert has been organised at Krakow’s Café Szafe, in memory of the singer and songwriter Victor Magnussen who died suddenly while on holiday in March. He was 59. Victor, rarely seen without his dog Bernie, was a regular performer at Szafe and other venues around Krakow. He had many friends in the city, and … Continue reading

To the Barricades in Budapest!

Tomorrow, April 13th, at 18:00, Krytyka Polityczna and Massolit Books (Felicjanek 4) invite you to an open discussion with two student activists from the Hungarian Student Network, or Hallgatói Hálózat, about the recent constitutional changes in Hungary and the popular protests against them. Katalin Vida and Csaba Jelinek, doctoral students at the Central European University, are both founding members of Hallgatói Hálózat, … Continue reading

Loose Wired @ Piękny Pies Vol. I

THE PLEASURE IS MINE – ELUKTRICK – MRS. NO ONE When: Wednesday, March 13, 20:00 Where: Klub Piękny Pies LOOSE WIRED jest nowym cyklicznym koncertem organizowanym przez Krakowski kolektyw muzyczny Loose Wire. LOOSE WIRED jest prezentacją najnowocześniejszych niezależnych, alternatywnych i eksperymentalnych zespołów. Każda edycja LOOSE WIRED będzie przedstawiać inne zespoły z krakowskiej, ogólnopolskiej albo światowej sceny … Continue reading

3rd Latin American Studies Conference

When: 15.03.2013 – 16.03.2013 Organiser: Institute of American Studies & Polish Diaspora, Jagiellonian University Honorary Patronage: Instytut Lecha Wałęsy Kontakt:  | 3rd Latin American Studies Conference: Human Rights in Latin America. Theory & Practice III CONFERENCIA LATINOAMERICANISTA DE CRACOVIA: LOS DERECHOS HUMANOS EN AMÉRICA LATINA. TEORÍA Y PRÁCTICA. 15 – 16 MARZO 2013, CRACOVIA La … Continue reading


Euroculture Krakow strongly recommends: THE YOUNG, THE WISE, THE UNIDSCOVERED Transmission Live from California   |  TEDx Kraokow FB Where: Club Pauza Floriańska 18  |  When: Thursday, February 28. From 5PM ———————————————————————- We’re getting ready for TEDxKrakówLive on 28 February where we’ll be viewing a live webcast of the second day of TED in California. It’s … Continue reading

Why We’re All TED HEADS


CHANGE THE FORMULA: Happiness vs. Success


PATCH audio_visual_lab

p a t c h: audio_visual_lab is a fresh event on the map of Krakow presenting new trends and opportunities in digital, audiovisual art made with a new methods of work and communication. New technologies, open-source platforms, machinery and tools, which are developed and processed by the users, where ‘digitalism’ often co-inherence with ‘analogism’. p … Continue reading


If you are interested in photo journalism you shouldn’t miss this. Already an emblematic exhibition within the Bunkier walls, World Press Photo does not cease to amaze, upset, intrigue, disturb and arouse, both mere uncommitted curiosity and unavailing indignation. If you happen to be in Krakow and have some idle time, use it to skim … Continue reading

2013 Intensive Programme – Krakow

THE EUROCULTURE KRAKOW TEAM HAS JUST LAUNCHED THE 2013 INTENSIVE PROGRAMME WEBSITE! VISIT IT NOW!! This academic year (Euroculture Cohort 2012-14)  Krakow and the Jagiellonian University (Institute of European Studies) will host 7 days of intensive discussion, debate, exchange, and active engagement with the topic of Resilience, Resistance & Adaptation: Understanding a Changing Europe. Krakow is an interesting setting to observe … Continue reading

Interkulturalni w Krakowie: A photo and video project

Interkulturalni w Krakowie, a project conceived by Krzysztof  Racon, explores the symbiotic relation between the city of Krakow and foreigners who have chosen it as their dwelling place. What do foreigners bring to Krakow? How do they contribute to the construction of its identity? How does the city has to offer them? Why do they … Continue reading

Herzog: Living on the Edge

The Centre of Contemporary Art in Torun is currently organising a series of events to celebrate the 70th birthday anniversary of the controversial and not-afraid-of-death film maker, Werner Herzog. Krakow will be part of the celebrations through the Conrad Festival and its section Literature & Film, in which a series of films will be screened in Kino Pod Baranami on 24-27 October. … Continue reading

CONRAD FESTIVAL – Krakow, 22-28 October, 2012

2012 PROGRAMME   |   Past Editions The motto of this year’s edition of the Festival, Think: Literature!, has many meanings. One refers us back to the experience we have persistently sought to associate with literature since the very first edition of the Festival: the experience of literature as an encouraging reflection on the world, its problems, … Continue reading