Free online course: European Culture and Politics

The refugee crisis, the economic crisis, the Greek crisis, the Schengen crisis, the Ukraine crisis, the Brexit crisis, the identity crisis … Europe seems to be in trouble and on the verge of disintegration. But what is “Europe” exactly? And why does it seem to be in a constant state of crisis?   European Culture … Continue reading

13th edition of English language summer school in Colca Valley, Peru

DO YOU ENJOY TRAVELLING AND ADVENTURE? ARE YOU PROFICIENT IN ENGLISH? HOW ABOUT TEACHING ENGLISH? WOULD YOU LIKE TO VISIT AN AMAZING ANDEAN REGION WITH PRE-INCAN ROOTS IN PERU? The “Eng. Ernest Malinowski” Polish – American Educational Foundation, Inc. invites you to participate in the 13th edition of the Colca English Language Summer School from 21.06 to 22.07.2016. For … Continue reading

JOTFORM is just amazing!

I have been using JOTFORM in multiple websites and all my clients and myself have been satisfied with the online service this product provides. I will always recommend it and will continue to use it in several of my own projects. The fact that integrations with other online tools is available, makes my work easier … Continue reading

Getting to Kraków

Local Transportation in Kraków (student discount is applying for students up to 26yrs old) a.Cost of one tram or bus ride b.Monthly Card for Public transportation c. Due to the close proximity of the dorms to classrooms, most students choose to walk. d.Example prices:20 minutes student ticket -1,70zł(3,40zł without discount)/ 0,33€ /0,37$Network ticket … Continue reading



Self-determination Processes: Threat or Opportunity for the EU

Self-determination Processes: Challenge or Opportunity for the EU? Thursday, 10 December 2015 | Auditorium Maximum, Conference Room ul. Krupnicza 33. Jagiellonian University in Krakow PROGRAMME print PDF ONLINE REGISTRATION 9:00 Welcome  Zdzisław Mach, Vice-Rector’s Proxy for Internationalisation, Full Professor of Sociology, Director of Studies at the Centre for European Studies, Jagiellonian University in Krakow Albert Royo, … Continue reading

ROMEK MARBER. Graphics – exhibition opening

ROMEK MARBER. Graphics – exhibition opening 18.11.2015, 18:00 | Galicia Jewish Museum An exhibition of graphic works by Romek Marber, a distinguished Polish-Jewish artist who has been living and working in Great Britain since 1946. Romek Marber was born in 1925 in Turek, Poland. After the outbreak of the Second World War he was deported … Continue reading

CES-Euroculture OPEN LECTURE: Does the freedom of expression include the right to insult? Wednesday, Oct.21 | 17-18:30, Auditorium Maximum, conference roomAs part of the Open Lecture series the Centre for European Studies and the Euroculture programme are proud to host Constantijn BAKKER, who will address this controversial and essential topic. Don’t miss it! Constantijn BAKKER was born in Arnhem (Holland) in … Continue reading

APPLY NOW!! Places still available. MA in Euroculture


Why do Pogroms Occur in Some Localities and not Others? | Prof. Wittenberg

Why do pogroms occur in some localities and not others? We investigate this question through a focus on a wave of pogroms in Poland’s eastern borderlands in summer, 1941. We find that some common explanations for why certain places got targeted– the presence of non-Jewish nationalist sympathies or Jewish communist sympathies– explain the pattern of … Continue reading

Krakow Post issue #116

Krakow Post issue #116 The new issue of the Krakow Post is out. Check it out! You can download it in your iPhone, iPad or iTunes.

Euroculture Krakow | NEW WEBSITE


Zawód Dyplomata | wykład otwarte

Zawód Dyplomata Wykłady otwarte | Auditorium Maximum, Sala Seminaryjna wtorek 28 października | 14:00 Interesujesz się stosunkami międzynarodowymi? Jesteś ciekawy/a jak wyglądają kulisy pracy dyplomaty? Chciałbyś/Chciałabyś dowiedzieć się jak zostać dyplomatą? Chciałbyś/Chciałabyś pracować w polskiej służbie zagranicznej? Zapraszamy Cię do wzięcia udziału w wykładzie z cyklu ‘Zawód Dyplomata’, który współorganizowany jest przez Europejską Akademię Dyplomacji, MA in Euroculture oraz … Continue reading

Conrad Festival at Massolit Books & Cafe

Tuesday, 21 October 2014 Event Europe in Translation – The Schwob/Finnegan’s List Project Place Massolit Books & Café Time 17:00, October 21 Description Europe in Translation – The Schwob/Finnegan’s List ProjectTranslating Europe – The Schwob/Finnegan’s List Project Guests: Gabriela Adameşteanu, György Dragoman, Dimitri Verhulst  Meeting will be modereted by: Tomasz Pindel Every year, the European Society of Authorspublishes a list … Continue reading

Conrad Festival (Krakow 20-26 Oct.)

The Conrad Festival is a large-scale project by the City of Krakow, “Tygodnik Powszechny” foundation, Krakow Festival Office and a number of institutions and supporters. Why Joseph Conrad? The Conrad Festival is not devoted to the creative works of Joseph Conrad! The author of Heart of Darkness lends his name as patron of the World Literature Feast. … Continue reading

unsound festival (Krakow 12-19 Oct.)

The theme for Unsound 2014 is The Dream. On the one hand, this theme explores music that is surreal, dream-like and tranceinducing – be it through drone, rhythm or the juxtaposition of unexpected elements. But there is also a wider cultural context. The Dream is a symptom of a world where self-expression and experience are … Continue reading