Leszek Żądło European Art Ensemble – Galicia Jewish Museum



Ed Vulliamy in Cracow

Visegrad Insight no. 5

up to 19 SCHOLARSHIPS AVAILABLE for the 2014/15 academic year!!

  APPLY NOW!   Write to us at: visegrad@uj.edu.pl Deadline for Applications June 24     The best candidates accepted to the programme are offered prestigious scholarships for the period of study abroad. Scholarships will be available for the Visegrad Group and EU Eastern Partnership nationals: READ MORE

Call for Papers – VI International Student Conference

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Call for Papers – VI International Student Conference Politics & Society in Central and Eastern Europe: 25 Years of Democratic Changes in Central and Eastern Europe The Institute of Political Science (Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Wroclaw) would like to invite you to VI International Student Conference “Politics &…

Krakow Post – March edition – View it in iTunes now!!

KRAKOW POST – March 2014  

Meeting with the Ambassador of Turkey to Poland. Acknowledgements.

A Review by Xawery Pikus: Museum of The Home Army dedicated to Gen. Emil Fieldorf “Nil”

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Museum of The Home Army dedicated to Gen. Emil Fieldorf “Nil” For those who want to find out about Polish history during the Second World War, I recommend The Home Army Museum named after general Emil Fieldorf “Nil”. It is worth visiting because this is the only such institution in…

Social Crisis and Societalization: A Cultural Sociology of Boundary Tension and Civil Repair

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The Institute of Sociology invites you for a very special lecture dedicated to Prof. Piotr Sztompka. The open lecture will be given by American sociologist Jeffrey C. Alexander. Social Crisis and Societalization: A Cultural Sociology of Boundary Tension and Civil Repair 11 March 2014 (Tuesday), at 16.00 Aula Collegium Novum…

If you have a story about student life in Krakow, write to editor@krakowpost.com http://www.krakowpost.com/article/7561 Photo (c) Krakow Post

Second Time a Charm?

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Wawel Castle in Krakow, Poland Heather Southwood│southwood28@gmail.com In Goettingen I was one of approximately twenty Euroculture students, in Krakow that became one of nine, in Indianapolis I couldn’t sit in Starbucks on campus for long without someone I knew walking in, so when I made the decision to return to…

Teacher Benjamin Martin “What’s special about Uppsala University? Well, we’re the oldest and coldest!”

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Euroculture Uppsala has been one of the most popular universities in the MA Euroculture Consortium, when it comes to the number of students it attracts every semester. Rumor has it, ‘Ben’ might be the answer. The Euroculturer has invited Benjamin Martin, Programme Directer and Teacher of MA Euroculture at Uppsala…

Professional tips from a EuCu graduate: “Blindly applying for jobs everywhere is a waste of time!”

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For some, getting a job in Brussels is a dream come true. © Yu Xichao Penelope Vaxevanes│prosiliomani@hotmail.com MA Euroculture Programme is over for the 2011 – 2013 students and now most of them are on the hunt for a job or an internship – their gateway into the professional world.…

TEDxKraków@Students | October 25

This year, for the first time in the history of TEDxKraków we will be holding an accompanying event aimed at students called TEDxKraków@Students, organized by All In UJ and supported by Aon Hewitt. This year’s conference centers on the word Make!, so we’ll be presenting students that are also makers. All In UJ’s Viewing Party will consist … Continue reading

World Press Photo 2013: tragic stories & cute animals?

Once again World Press Photo has visited Krakow at Bunkier Sztuki. This year’s edition is not without a controversy surrounding the 1st prize winner and putting into question the professionalism of the contestants and aim of the whole competition. After perusing the images and walking out of the exhibition a friend asked me how was … Continue reading