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Krakow Post issue #116 The new issue of the Krakow Post is out. Check it out! You can download it in your iPhone, iPad or iTunes.

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KRAKOW POST – March 2014  

Jürgen Habermas on Europe, democratic deficit and EU elections

‘In favour of a strong Europe’ – what does this mean? Jürgen Habermas is a world-leading sociologist, philosopher and political theorist. His latest book is The Crisis of the European Union (Polity 2013, English translation).

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Old Poland, New Nationalism

Krakow Post | September 2013

Krakow Post | May 2013

Mientras Tanto #2 Plan B

IP 2013 Krakow by the Euroculturer Magazine

On a sunny day in Krakow I met with IP organisers Juan, Luc and Karolina at cozy café Karma, one of the favourite hangouts of some of the team members. Here, I had the chance to ask them all about the upcoming Intensive Programme. Because, as we all know, IP 2013 is getting closer. In June, MA Euroculture students will … Continue reading


We couldn’t let out 100th issue past without celebrating it with you, our readers, contributors and clients. We are having a 100th issue party. Everyone who reads, supports, contributes to and does business with the Krakow Post is invited. The party starts at 7:30pm, this Friday, April 12 at Stara Zajezdnia Krakow – the restaurant at the old … Continue reading

Poverty is a psychological state, not just an economic condition | Bradley Ariza

KRAKOW POST: March 2013

LIVE YOUR INTERESTS! A Research Track in Euroculture Krakow

A fascinating description of a different facet of student life in Krakow. What happens when you immerse yourself into a research track at the Euroculture Programme? Apart from enjoying freedom to pursue your own interests you get the chance to integrate with the local community through your field work. Despite the shortcomings of a library … Continue reading

Krakow Post. Now smaller, more dense & easy to carry

“After 95 issues covering events, news and the city’s ever growing international population, Krakow’s only English-language monthly is morphing from a newspaper into a magazine format. The new look Krakow Post will be easier to handle – smaller in size, but with more pages.” Read More…

Feel Truely European in Beautiful Kraków

Originally posted on The Euroculturer:
Miriam Beschoten | Kraków, Poland. What is the first thing that comes into your mind when hearing this? Well for me, as a German, it definitely painted a different picture from what I actually experienced while spending my second semester of the MA Euroculture programme there. Starting with the…