Erasmus+ Master Loans

Erasmus+ Master Loans NOW YOU CAN APPLY FOR A LOAN TO SUPPORT YOUR STUDIES. MA IN EUROCULTURE IN KRAKOW The Student Loan Guarantee Facility will begin operation in mid-2015, with a gradual roll-out across the Erasmus+ programme countries. Students should apply directly to participating banks or student loan agencies, a list of which will be … Continue reading

Krakow Post – March edition – View it in iTunes now!!

KRAKOW POST – March 2014  

Old Poland, New Nationalism

How photographers joined the self-publishing revolution

KRAKOW POST: March 2013


Stéphane Hessel, l’homme d’un siècle – Liberation Stephane Hessel, father of “Indignados” anti-austerity movement dies – EURONEWS Indignez-Vous! bilingual edition AUTHOR: HESSEL STÉPHANE Penguin Books

Please-take-Assange-to-Stockholm syndrome. It’s the diplomat’s disease | Marina Hyde

Please-take-Assange-to-Stockholm syndrome. It’s the diplomat’s disease | Marina Hyde

Will Regional Diplomacy Prevail in the Arctic?

In 2013, people from the northernmost part of Europe will celebrate the 20 years of the signature of the declaration of Kirkenes.  This agreement may be considered a major milestone in the development of trans-border cooperation between the nations and the people living in the Barents Sea region.  The agreement constituted a concrete positive step to ensure … Continue reading

Krakow Post. Now smaller, more dense & easy to carry

“After 95 issues covering events, news and the city’s ever growing international population, Krakow’s only English-language monthly is morphing from a newspaper into a magazine format. The new look Krakow Post will be easier to handle – smaller in size, but with more pages.” Read More…

“Mr. Obama’s win is good for Americans, good for America, and good for the world”

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Of Novel Nobelties

It has been “awarded to all 500 million EU citizens”. Should I congratulate the Polish girl sitting just beside me and text my friends to praise them for being a part of this wonderful achievement: Peace does not come easy (just as words sometimes) and it’s not cheap either. And what about those (us) who … Continue reading

New Eastern Europe – How I didn’t make it big in Ukraine.An article by Hayden Berry.

Wisława Szymborska: The Poet and the World

Nobel Lecture, December 7, 1996 They say the first sentence in any speech is always the hardest. Well, that one’s behind me, anyway. But I have a feeling that the sentences to come – the third, the sixth, the tenth, and so on, up to the final line – will be just as hard, since … Continue reading