Remembering Victor Magnussen

A concert has been organised at Krakow’s Café Szafe, in memory of the singer and songwriter Victor Magnussen who died suddenly while on holiday in March. He was 59. Victor, rarely seen without his dog Bernie, was a regular performer at Szafe and other venues around Krakow. He had many friends in the city, and … Continue reading

Compare & Contrast


Myself, My Neighbourhood


United Dreams of Europe

Like all dreams, this one started with an idea. The idea to find a vision, an identity, a dream for Europe. But what is Europe? And how do Europeans view their continent? Is Europe merely a supranational institution where everything is all about politics? Can we reduce it to a European Football Cup every 4 … Continue reading

Human[i]ties Perspective 2011 – University of Hamburg, Germany

Human[i]ties Perspective 2011 is a conference and professional networking event aimed at Erasmus Mundus students and alumni from Culture, Media and Communications studies will be held this year at the University of Hamburg, November 11th and 12th. The conference will take place over two days and include four themed sessions: three academic sections exploring, ‘Cultures & … Continue reading

italians vs europeans


Europa auf dem Stier 1970-72. Timm Ulrichs

Remix the Docks!

Remix the docks! Attention – competition ending on 15th May! We invite you to participate in Dock’s Docs Gdańsk Remix competition for the best collage of video documentaries from the Gdańsk Shipyard and Solidarność (Solidarity). We provide the video material, you mix it, record the musical score, process and play with it. Dock’s Docs competition … Continue reading

“Regain a kind of Paradise” – Chimamanda Adichie: The danger of a single story

“Everyone learning from everyone”. ECC 2011, Wrocław.

European Congress of Culture 2011, Wroclaw The Congress soul is synergy. A fusion of academic disciplines, a bridge between theory and practice; a convergence of intellectual propositions and artistic expressions. Take a brief look at some of the ideas behind the event through Zygmunt Bauman’s words.


Amnesty International, one of the most active NGO on human rights in the world , has been fighting its cause for 50 years. Take a look to some of their posters throughout these years. Art can definitely be a form of activism. Artivism is not only reclaiming urban space, but a wider and more encompassing claim for freedom … Continue reading

New Europe: Poland

The Guardian’s series New Europe comes to its last week by sketching a profile of Poland. Is Poland really struggling to find its true place in Europe? “It still feels apart from the west“, contends Timothy Garton Ash, explaining how the country tries to come into terms with “being normal”: Being in Warsaw these days is … Continue reading

New Europe: Spain

The Guardian’s series continues with Spain this week. Read about the life of a Spanish family, learn where the body of Spain’s last dictator rests, and how the current lack of opportunities has resulted in an exodus of young Spaniards. Find out about popular tapas bars and restaurants, an ongoing art crisis,  as well as … Continue reading

New Europe: Welcome to France

Listen to a focus podcast on how unemployment and reticence to change affect France’s country side, read about how IT IS possible to eat very badly in the country of “la belle cuisine” , enjoy an audio slide-show on a day in Paris and rush through the history of French cinema in the Guardian’d series, New Europe: France. … Continue reading

The new Europe: the Guardian’s glance to 4 European countries

An interesting series to follow at the Guardian’s website where correspondents, columnists and critics take up the task of sketching a profile of four European countries by exploring different aspects of their culture, politics, economy and day-to-day life. Click here to read about the series.  The series started this last week addressing Germany and will move during the … Continue reading

“Quien lo probó lo sabe”

22 years after the launch of Erasmus in 1987, the European Commission celebrated the 2 millionth Erasmus student by collecting stories from 31 students from participant countries across Europe who could claim to be Number 2 million and symbolically stand for every member in the programme. Lotte Dieleman, the then Dutch representative and currently a … Continue reading