English school | Szkoła j. angielskiego Colca Valley, Peru

English language summer school
Szkoła j. angielskiego
Colca Valley, Peru
26.06-24.07.2017 and 31.07-25.08.2017, 14th edition


Do you enjoy travelling and adventure?
Are you proficient in English? How about teaching English?

Would you like to visit an amazing Andean region with pre-Incan roots in Peru?




The “Eng. Ernest Malinowski” Polish – American Educational Foundation, Inc. invites you to participate in the 14th edition of the Colca English Language Summer School. Be part of an unforgettable experience in the Colca Valley in Peru.

This year the summer school will have TWO EDITIONS: 26.06 to 24.07.2017 and 31.07 to 25.08.2017.

The overall aim of the English Language Workshop is to provide intensive English language instruction with an emphasis on conversation and vocabulary used in the travel industry. One of the long-term goals, however, is to help prepare local youth to work in the travel industry as bilingual guides, drivers, hotel and restaurant workers, as maintenance workers, clerks etc. …

Each course was taught by a group of seven volunteers, students of universities in Poland and America. I incorporated our Polish tradition into the Workshops by inviting volunteers of Polish descent. …

Andrew A. Pietowski

For more information please contact:

Adam A. Banach, co-organizer and volunteer of the project: banach@indigena.edu.pl

or the main email of the foundation:  e.m.f.edu@gmail.com or our Facebook page!

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