Photos by Jean-Marc Caracci

International conference: Multiculturalism – twilight of post-modern society?

Organisers: Ludwig van Beethoven Association, Krakow Jagiellonian University Institute of European Studies Conference venue: Krakow, ul. Krupnicza, Aula Mała Date: 11 Oct. 2013

Guardian Camera Club: Daniela Arsenio’s portfolio

Guardian Camera Club: Daniela Arsenio’s portfolio

PATCH audio_visual_lab

p a t c h: audio_visual_lab is a fresh event on the map of Krakow presenting new trends and opportunities in digital, audiovisual art made with a new methods of work and communication. New technologies, open-source platforms, machinery and tools, which are developed and processed by the users, where ‘digitalism’ often co-inherence with ‘analogism’. p … Continue reading