Remembering Victor Magnussen

A concert has been organised at Krakow’s Café Szafe, in memory of the singer and songwriter Victor Magnussen who died suddenly while on holiday in March. He was 59. Victor, rarely seen without his dog Bernie, was a regular performer at Szafe and other venues around Krakow. He had many friends in the city, and … Continue reading


A great initiative by Interkulturalni PL Association. Don’t miss the opportunity to discover how Krakow has evolved and how these changes are significantly influenced by international mobility and the capacity and willingness of the city and its citizens to host and adopt the Other. Euroculture Krakow | Event Partner According to the INTERKULTURALNI PL Association there are … Continue reading

F O R T I F I E D V o l u m e 3

September 27, 2012 Forty Kleparz- Kraków ul. Kamienna 2-4 Start: 20:00 (15 PLN) The Pleasure is Mine Smingus St. James hotel FORTIFIED to cykliczne wydarzenie muzyczne organizowane przez krakowski kolektyw muzyczny Loose Wire. Loose Wire: FORTIFIED ma na celu prezentację nowych, niezależnych, alternatywnych i eksperymentalnych zespołów krakowskiej, ogólnopolskiej i światowej sceny Indie. Impreza odbędzie się w nastrojowych … Continue reading