Why do Pogroms Occur in Some Localities and not Others? | Prof. Wittenberg

Why do pogroms occur in some localities and not others? We investigate this question through a focus on a wave of pogroms in Poland’s eastern borderlands in summer, 1941. We find that some common explanations for why certain places got targeted– the presence of non-Jewish nationalist sympathies or Jewish communist sympathies– explain the pattern of … Continue reading

STCA: Kazimierz – Nov. 15, 24 & Dec. 4 – Join Us!!

As part of the STCAs organized by the Centre for European Studies and the MA in Euroculture, the visit to the Old Jewish quarter, Kazimierz, is an essential element of the study programmes of our institute. It is designed to explore and analyse an urban district through an academic approach keeping in sight current affairs … Continue reading