ROMEK MARBER. Graphics – exhibition opening

ROMEK MARBER. Graphics – exhibition opening 18.11.2015, 18:00 | Galicia Jewish Museum An exhibition of graphic works by Romek Marber, a distinguished Polish-Jewish artist who has been living and working in Great Britain since 1946. Romek Marber was born in 1925 in Turek, Poland. After the outbreak of the Second World War he was deported … Continue reading

STCA: Kazimierz – Nov. 15, 24 & Dec. 4 – Join Us!!

As part of the STCAs organized by the Centre for European Studies and the MA in Euroculture, the visit to the Old Jewish quarter, Kazimierz, is an essential element of the study programmes of our institute. It is designed to explore and analyse an urban district through an academic approach keeping in sight current affairs … Continue reading