Conrad Festival (Krakow 20-26 Oct.)

The Conrad Festival is a large-scale project by the City of Krakow, “Tygodnik Powszechny” foundation, Krakow Festival Office and a number of institutions and supporters. Why Joseph Conrad? The Conrad Festival is not devoted to the creative works of Joseph Conrad! The author of Heart of Darkness lends his name as patron of the World Literature Feast. … Continue reading

XpARTy Krakow

​From 3rd – 5th of October, Malopolska’s Garden of Art will  be given over to international artists. There will be concerts, exhibitions, film shows, and panels showcasing the multicultural mix of talents within the space, at ulica Rajska (Paradise Street) in Kraków.XpARTy is the biggest event of its kind in Poland, presenting the creative output … Continue reading

Guardian Camera Club: Daniela Arsenio’s portfolio

Guardian Camera Club: Daniela Arsenio’s portfolio

Myself, My Neighbourhood – Photography

brief essay “Myself, My Neighbourhood ” by Juan M Sarabia

Behind the Glass, Nudity as Bait (RD100)

Hunting for images, photographs, windows to a society’s soul, the face of a time, a timeless expression behind the glass. But, who is really behind the glass? The hunter or the pray, the observer or the observed. Who’s under the spyglass? Is the glass just an effigy of the transparency of people’s countenance? Is the … Continue reading